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Never Give Up

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Sometimes we find ourselves in an inconvenient position we hadn’t planned or. When control of your life has been taken out of your hands it is at best inconvenient and at worse can result in you becoming very depressed at the new position you find yourself in. This is Kate Webber’s inspirational story of Never Give Up

Walking the Dog in SW France

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I first noticed the culture difference when I was walking the dog in the local village …….I was the only one. Some dogs are chained up, some are just left to wander, but it’s very rare to see a French person walking a dog in the countryside. In fact it’s rare to see a French person going for a walk, unless it’s in an organised group following an official footpath.

François BALARD

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François BALARD has sent us a report on the commemoration ceremony at St Méard de Gurçon, 11 November 1918 (French and English language)

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