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One of the things that makes our area so great is the wonderful people who live here!

We’ve searched high and low to bring you the bee’s knees when it comes to bloggers – whether it’s people who know the unique points of an area through to those who’ve had to negotiate trickier situation like the French healthcare system, we’ve got some invaluable information for you.

Meet the bloggers below – then see what they have to say!


What happens when you go to hospital? How do you get a blood test? What will the specialist want to see when I get there? These are just some of the questions that we face when we move here.

I moved to France 15 years ago with my husband, two children and aged parents. Poor health hit us fairly quickly with broken and sprained bits, cancer in various forms and even replacement parts.

It reads like a medical dictionary but my experiences have been sometimes hilarious, sometimes sad but always surprising. I believe that the French Health system is the best in the world and, through my blogs, I hope you can see why.

I also hope that they help you to find your way around a health system that can sometimes appear confusing but which, actually works very well, and to our advantage.

Health blogs by Sue:
Going to Hospital: The Rendevous
Going to Hospital: The Forms
Going to Hospital: Getting Ready To Go In
Going to Hospital: Admission
Going to Hospital: Day Of The Op
The day I visited a faith healer

Blue cheese, coke and breast cancer

Seeing Is Believing


That Soap! (you know the one… that one) is a small artisan business dedicated to crafting high quality, healthy and effective skin and hair care products that will nourish your skin and be kind to our planet. I also create hand poured
soy wax candles scented with premium fragrance and essential oils.

That Soap! is on a mission to make our customers healthier and our Earth a little greener. We are committed to healthy skin, healthy people and a healthy planet. My recipes are created using knowledge from research and
ingredients inspired by the nature surrounding me.

I use clays, mineral oxides, vegetables and fruits, sustainable oils and butters and pure essential oils to create products that will nourish your skin and
be kind to our planet. I hand blend all my own products in small batches to ensure freshness, consistency, and perfection. Think of it as pure nutrition for your skin and hair! See our website for more information.

Health & beauty blogs by That Soap!:
Working Toward A Waste-free Life


Katie Gardner is a fully-qualified CBT Counsellor and 10-year expat based on the border of 47/24.

Her website can be found at

Lifestyle blogs by Katie:
The Life of Riley

Measuring the Quality of your Day

Culture Shock and how to deal with it

Are You Being Phubbed?



Mimi Beck Knudsen moved to France in 2012 after a media career including radio, TV, newspapers and magazines. She and her husband enjoy living in their very old house in a very small village in the Lot-et-Garonne. When not exploring and writing about her travels, Mimi likes to bike, jog, read, knit, work on her French skills, and binge on Netflix. In addition to writing the Places & Faces blog for The Local Buzz, she shares stories about her travels on Away to Live.

Places & Faces blogs by Mimi Beck Knudsen:

Stroll among Abby ruins in the Entre-Deux-Mers 

All hail the prune harvest 
Medieval or Renaissance
Grottes to love about Brantôme

Discover Cahuzac’s hidden frescoes

Flower Markets are in Bloom

D-Day – Mouleydier in Dordogne remembers June 1944



Dreaming of the bucolic life, Emma Quarrington moved to the Gers in the heart of rural Gascony, eight years ago with her husband Andrew. Her blog looks at the unexpected and humorous realities of rural living, covering topics such as clueless animal husbandry, obligatory calendar purchases at Christmas, and baffling local superstitions.

Emma is a copywriter, PR guru and runs a converted wine barn turned gite, which can be seen at

Discovering La France Profonde blogs by Emma Quarrington:
Gardening with Goats

All’s Well That Ends Well

Balancing the Books

Calendar Season

Come Rain or Shine

Wardrobe Malfunction

Chicken and Egg Situation

Potager Envy


Hi, I’ve been living in France for a year now and have been a non meat eater for over half my life.  Moving bang slap into the heart of the fois gras producing region in France was not perhaps the smartest move, but I am determined to make it work.  I am happy to share recipe ideas, food reviews and generally my experiences with you!  I adore eating, writing about, making food and I relish the challenge of trying to find all the ingredients I am used to, or if I can’t, learn to adapt.  I am loving my new life here: it is a bit of a leap from living in the heart of busy Bath, to living in the middle of a field, but each sunset makes my day a bit sweeter.

Woman cannot live on Camembert alone: A non meat eater’s guide to living in France

The Handy Pesky Tarian Guide

Our Pesky Tarian is finding out where and when to eat out

A PeskyTarian Christmas


Catherine has always taken inspiration from her surroundings and now has two books published, the second featuring her new life in Tarn et Garonne.  A third novel is currently underway.

Writing is a relatively solitary activity.  The written word is only that, unless it finds an audience, and authors need ciritical feedback.  She found this in a most surprising place – a neighbouring French village.

Local Settings Inspire Writing

Tarn et Garonne to Santiago de Compostela


Rosemary is an American-Brit transplant living near Nogaro.  She runs a year round hospitality business as well as being involved in keeping her pen to paper, cooking and entertaining for family and friends.   She is also an avid cook!     Her blogs combine local knowledge with recipes using local ingredients.

Course Landaise – an event for all ages


Colleen shares her stories from her walks to Santiago de Compostela.  Heartbreaking, awe-inspiring and courageous, she highlights what makes the experience so very, very special.

The Scallop Shell Was A Sign In More Ways Than One