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The Local Buzz has been born from a passion for the region and a recognition of the need for a direct voice to those living in, working in or visiting Gironde, Dordogne, Lot et Garonne, Lot, Gers, Tarn et Garonne and northern Haute Garonne.

This is a passion not just for France but a passion based on a desire to understand and fully appreciate the area of France where we are.  To live life to the full, to experience the best that South West France has to offer and to do so from a sound base of knowledge.

Featuring all the buzz (pun absolutely intended), you will find over 3900 businesses in our business directory and hundreds of buzzing happenings in our what’s on pages.


Lesley Ashburner

Lesley Ashburner left SW England for SW France in 2003 with her husband, two children, two businesses, two dogs and a hot air balloon.

Whilst flying was her hobby she continued to work in PR, copywriting and advertising for UK clients for many years.

Originally living near Agen, she moved to Duras in 2011 and, with elderly parents who moved from Spain, has had extensive experience in the health care system which she says is the best in the world.

She has renovated two houses, a maison d’ami and a pigeonniere in France and, now a widow, would love to buy land and build her final home here.