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Like a bee intent on pollinating a hive, we have trawled the net and local directories to populate the listings in our Business Directory.

With the best will in the world no business directory is ever going to include every business but we have tried our best to be as inclusive as possible.

Please do help us by letting us know of a business that we have missed or, if you have your own business and are not included, please complete our Add Your Business form .

Alternatively, if you think your business is the bee’s knees, download our media pack to take out a buzzing or enhanced entry.

Please be aware that whilst we have verified that every business that we have listed is registered to trade, we urge you to do your own checks prior to working with any of them.  If, at any time, you feel that a listing is illegal or incorrect, please be sure to let us know.

If you are looking for non-business related listings such as groups and associations, support groups, churches, and childcare and holiday clubs please look under  the Community and Family heading.

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