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Yoga’s Internal Magic

Yoga’s Internal Magic

Dharna Ashar explains what makes her think twice about how yoga is portrayed.

Can I be honest about something?

I’m fed up of watching people be put off by Yoga because of what they see online. I’m tired of being spammed online with all kinds of fancy Yoga poses, over-used quotes, and over-priced yoga clothing!! I’m also tired of Yoga as an extreme sport or as contortion, competition, and intimidation. Please, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE watching talented Yogis on their mats opening up to majestic poses. In fact, I find myself so inspired by these gorgeous human beings, looking so happy and free on their mat! They look as though they ARE Yoga!

Caption: Dharna’s friends call her the rubber band!

Yoga's Internal Magic
Yoga's Internal Magic
Yoga's Internal Magic

Yoga’s Internal Magic:

Now, I’m not so concerned with what they are feeling, or where they are in their journey for this post; I’m concerned with the fact that yoga should be about that internal magic to which only YOU have access. Unfortunately, it’s so easy for your fire to be put out when you compare yourself to others, or look at the ‘yoga world’, and suddenly feel deflated, believe me, it happened to me plenty of times….

Who am I?…..The truth?

I am very flexible (you should seriously see some of my poses). My friends call me the rubber band.

Peace and Light


Dharna has a Facebook page: Rocket Yoga Dordogne and regularly hosts  yoga sessions in Eymet and Montpon Menesterol.   Why not go along and take your first step on the mat?