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Potager Envy

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When we first arrived in the Gers eight years ago, we were always blown away by how generous are neighbours were. What could we give back? Would an orchard solve our problems?

It’s a Bee Thing

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We asked experienced beekeepers to give us some tips about how to establish a hive and look after the bees. Jonathan and Anna Beaussire are based in Lot et Garonne and have been keeping bees since 2013.

Time to start planning the garden

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More than a few of us will have acquired a lovely piece of land here in France and attempted to fill it with all those shrubs and plants we had back “home”, only to be left with a box of labels and very few plants.

Don’t Stop the Worker Bees

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Autumn is an essential time of year for honeybees. The worker bees are out collecting nectar for long hours to ensure enough supplies to feed and maintain their colony through the winter months.

Gardening with goats

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When we first bought our house, as well as having a huge renovation project on our hands, there was also the land – tough weeds and a large part covered in brambles. Someone mentioned goats as being a great solution to our problem – maybe it was a joke….one of the drawbacks of living in a foreign language.

Working towards a waste-free life

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Converting to a waste-free life doesn’t happen overnight and so should you. I think that if you try to do something life-changing overnight then it probably won’t last so, lots of small changes are needed to ‘shake your world’.

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