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In Deep with Pools and Hot Tubs

Here it comes, that warm weather and those thoughts of jumping into a pool or, later in the evening, into a warm hot tub to enjoy the night sky.

If you already have a pool or hot tub (spa or Jacuzzi), there are lots of things you can do to add an extra sparkle and, if you are thinking about installing one or both, there are lots of options.  Here we take a look at the latest innovations so you can be in deep with pools and hot tubs to suit your dreams.


in deep with pools



Outdoor, indoor, above-ground, in-ground, shallow, deep, Olympic-sized, the choice is yours – and that’s just the start of it.

Whilst movable floors may not be within everyone’s budget (yes, it’s true, pool floors can lift up to become solid floors for dancing, a shallow water feature, or a safer swimming depth for children), there are lots of other innovations that might be.

Traditional chlorine pools are now joined by salt, chemical-free and UV light or ozone sanitisation versions that help the skin.  Some pools are even being built into fresh-water ponds to give an all-natural experience.

An infinity edge is often a dream but how about building a mini-pool alongside as a place to relax in warm water without the effort of staying afloat?  Add a pillow, leg rest and music and you are ready for some serious relaxation.

Pool manufacturers continually strive to improve the pool experience, allowing us to reap the benefits from variable flow pumps through to underwater LED light displays and speakers.

Other upgrades might include a swimming machine or counter-current unit for more athletic swimming in any sized pool, or an automatic pool cover, abri or glass pool fencing for maximum visibility and safety.

What’s more, you can change the size of your pool with a concrete pool extension or shaped shell (coque), etc., and include a hot tub at the same time.  Steps can be added, or taken away, heat pumps installed, and les margelles and surrounding slabs can be replaced with something similar or decking.  Then maybe you might like a submerged platform to use as your own kind of shallow beach, or you could build a pool between two different patio levels – just jump straight in from one or climb steps to enter from the other.

Swimming in a pool is relaxing, burns calories, is good exercise and fun but what else does swimming do for you?

Pool Perks

Improves muscle definition and strength

Builds up bone mass

Reduces inflammation

Helps with flexibility

Lowers depression and stress

Works your whole body

Helps with asthma

Improves sleep


Hot Tubs

If you are choosing a hot tub, let your imagination run wild.  As well as the number of places, jets (including hydro massage and levitator varieties), seats and lounging positions, think about whether you want it step into it, climb up to it or splash into it direct from your pool.

Would you like an infinity edge, an automated lid, an anti-slip floor, beverage holders, illuminated headrests or, perhaps a fabulous waterfall?  Virtually anything is possible including audio/video aids such as speakers and screens, Bluetooth, LED underwater prisms, exercise bands and some can even be supplied with a submersible stationary bicycle for resistance training and improved muscle tone.

With all that technology you might also want to consider a waterproof, floating remote control in addition to floating card games and, of course, unbreakable “glasses” to go with that spa-side wine and drinks cooler.

Keeping the water in tip top condition can be made easy with automatic water cleansing systems, and thermal insulation means that water temperatures can be maintained regardless of the time of year.

The heat and the soothing, massaging relaxation all add up to a real boost to both health and spirits.

Hot Benefits:

Reduces stress and headaches

Relieves arthritic and muscle pain

Removes toxins

Cardiovascular health improves

Brings a better night’s sleep

Helps to manage Type 2 Diabetes

Prostate Health improved

Enhanced relationships and bonding

Fitness Hot Tubs

By the way, there is another choice too.  An in-between model that combines a hydro massage tub with a mini swimming pool.  Ideal for exercise, these ingenious designs can be equipped with colour chronotherapy, a counter-current swimming system and/or all kinds of fitness and gym equipment from rowing oars to elastic bands, poles and harnesses, complete with surround sound and lights to encourage a fitness programme or ease you into relaxation.

The best of both worlds in a smaller space and something that can easily be used all year round!

So why not be in deep with pools and hot tubs to suit your space and your needs.

Read more about the health benefits of water in our ‘Adding a Third Element’ article which features in our May/June 2022 Issue if The Local Buzz Magazine.

in deep with pools
in deep with pools

First published in the May/June 2020 issue of The Local Buzz

Images: Shutterstock