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Make Your Own Eggsceptional Easter Decorations

Make Your Own Eggsceptional Easter Decorations

Make your eggs truly eggsceptional!   “Eggscellent” ideas for “eggstraordinary” eggs this Easter!

Perfect for hiding in the garden, these creative, decorative egg ideas are great for all the family.  Forget “soldiers” they bring a whole new level of fun to boiled eggs!

Make Your Own Eggsceptional Easter Decorations

Traditional Onion Dye

Add the skins from 10 large onions (red or yellow) into 2.5l of water with 200ml vinegar (this helps the dye to “take” to the egg) and 2 tbs salt (to stop the eggs from cracking).  Bring to the boil, simmer for 45 mins, set aside to cool.  Wash and dry 10 eggs, add them to the pan, return to the heat and simmer for 30 mins.  Rest for 30 mins and transfer to a plate to dry.

  • For a plain rather than mottled finish, remove the onion skins before boiling the eggs.
  • For a deeper colour refrigerate in the liquid overnight.
  • For a marbled effect, wrap each egg in yellow onion skins, wrap tightly in nylon, secure with an elastic band and boil in a yellow onion dye for 10 mins.


Silk Tying

Old silk ties (or any patterned silk material) are ideal for this technique; the more dense the pattern, the more stunning the effect.  Cut the material into squares, large enough to cover the egg.  Place a raw, white egg onto the patterned side of the square, wrap the egg and tie the top securely with a rubber band.  Make sure the silk is tight and smooth then boil in vinegar, leave to cool and unwrap.  Voila, c’est magique!

Dying Boiled Eggs

Don’t forget your disposable gloves and ensure the peeled eggs are cool before dying.

Coloured food dyes mixed with vinegar and water with a ratio of ½ cup warm water, 1 tbs white vinegar and 10 to 20 drops liquid food colouring) are ideal for a base.  Simply place each colour into a separate container then the choice is yours:

  • Obtain different shades by leaving the eggs in the dye longer
  • To add white stripes place elastic bands around the eggs
  • Apply a wax crayon design (which will repel the dye) before dipping
  • Drizzle different coloured dyes down the sides
  • Paint dots, stars, flowers, etc., onto dried dyed eggs using edible paint
  • Leave some of the shell on whilst dying, removing it to reveal a pattern


Go Botanical

Have you ever wondered how those wonderful opaque leaf or flower designs are made?  Here’s how!  Gather your ingredients:  a pair of tights/nylons (cut into squares), flowers, herbs and leaves, white eggs, elastic bands.  Use cold water to stick the flower and/or foliage to the egg, wrap in nylon, secure tightly and boil for 10 mins in the dye mix, allow to cool (or refrigerate overnight for a deeper colour).  Cut the nylon, remove the foliage and pat try.  Rub with a little olive oil for a brilliant shine.

Make Your own eggsceptional easter eggs

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