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wood fired hot tubs

Wood Fired Hot Tubs

Nicola McCabe and Tim based their new business, Hot Tubs in France,  on one of the reasons why they made the move to France in the first place: total relaxation.

Nicola tells us, “With a holiday home in France, initially we wanted to have a swimming pool to keep cool in summer but installing a pool was too expensive for us. We came across Cotswold Eco Tubs in the UK and, surprised at the low cost, we shipped one across.  Our idyllic life in France was even further enhanced, and it didn’t take long before thoughts turned to a permanent move and a new business idea.”

“We didn’t have to think too long or look very far. In fact, just as far as our garden. We were so taken with our own hot tub that we approached the company.  A year later we are now importing hot tubs on a regular basis.

“The importation regulations are changing because of Brexit, but the French authorities have been really helpful. Our products are made from sustainable wood, they help to reduce harmful emissions and save energy. As a result, they fit France’s ethos of caring for the environment perfectly.”

wood fired hot tubs

Eco-Friendly – wood fired hot tubs

Wood is a renewable and sustainable fuel source and, when it burns, it releases no more CO² than if it were left to rot, so it’s carbon neutral. Any type of wood can be used as long as it’s dry and fits in the burner.

Because wood is used to heat the water, a standard power socket is only needed for the optional air bubble and LED systems. So there’s a real cost saving as well, when compared to all-electric tubs. Determined to be different to the norm, Nicola’s team offer a personal service where they not only install the tub but they stay with the customer until they’re comfortable operating it. The tub is delivered to its final position, not the kerb, with no additional charges for installation.

wood fired hot tubs

Easy to use

There’s nothing complicated about wood fired hot tubs either. Working like a regular wood burner, the water heats in about 90 minutes. Once up to temperature, it can be regulated for a couple of hours by closing the boiler vents. Need more heat? Just add another log. Hygiene is simple too. Whilst treatments with salt, bromine or chlorine are possible, the 800/900L of water can be changed on a regular basis and, if at a gîte, could even be refilled between guests.

In a range of colours to complement your shutters and garden furniture, this quiet, luxurious experience is good for the body as well as the mind. The wonderful woody aroma combines with the healing effects of hydrotherapy, relieving stress, enhancing relaxation, and reducing aches and pains. An eco-friendly business idea that provides the perfect solution for gently easing away the stresses and strains of everyday life.

First published in the Dec 2020 and Jan 2021 issue of The Local Buzz

Images: Hot Tubs in France


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