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covid vaccination experience

A lot of people worry about injections and here, our blogger Sue Jones, tells us of her Covid vaccination experience.

“I had redialled the number on multiple times and eventually my local Centre answered and gave me two appointments, three weeks apart.

“A couple of weeks later the  day arrived and, walking into the vaccination centre with some trepidation, I sanitised my hands at the dispenser and was surprised to see so few people.  Then it dawned on me – this was an appointment process and, it was safer that way.

“My turn to approach the desk came and it was so straightforward and easy – they already had my details on their list and handed me a partially completed form, sending me to a private area with sanitiser and pen to answer the various questions such as allergies, had I had Covid recently, etc.

“Then it was to the next closed off section where chairs were placed 1m apart and I waited to see a doctor.  He checked the forms, looked at my regular prescription from my doctor, discussed my allergies, asked if I had any concerns and confirmed that there were no counter concerns from what he had seen or heard with reference to my personal health history.  He signed my form and sent me to the next stage, the dreaded injection.

“Again, I sat in a separate area, 1m apart from the one other person and waited to be called by the nurse.  He came out, invited me into a private cubicle and checked the form.  Asking which arm I preferred, I removed my jacket and he approached, saying there was no need for concern.

“He wiped my arm and a couple of seconds later, announced it was all done.   I actually laughed – I thought he was joking!  I even asked to see the empty syringe.  I felt absolutely nothing – all my worrying had been about zilch.

“The nurse completed the form with the type and number of the vaccine and I was off again to a holding area for 15 mins to check for any side effects, for my form to be copied and given back to me and kind words exchanged.

“There were no side effects until the next day when my arm felt slightly bruised but that was it – no bruising itself, no flu symptoms, nothing.   The second injection passed in exactly the same way, again with no side effects and, two weeks later, I was up to 95% protected.

“Yes, I can still catch Covid and I can still pass it on but I am less likely to die from it and, with a scarred lung and asthma that had been a real concern.  Judging by my covid vaccination experience, I would recommend it to anyone but, as they say, the choice is yours.”

Fast forward a few months and the third jab has been done and, once again, no side effects.  This time, a nurse gave me the injection on a home visit, combining it with a blood test for other reasons.  Quick, easy and painless!



covid vaccination experience

"I really don't like injections"