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Here at The Local Buzz we want to continue to improve our offering and bring you the best possible experience, so we are asking for your help in a short survey.

Would you please take a few moments to read the following questions and send your answers to us at    You just need to answer 1a, 2b, etc., either by standard email or simply circle your answers, take a pic and send it to the same address.

All responses will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.


1.  How long have you been reading The Local Buzz?

a. Less than a year

b. More than a year

2.  Do you read the magazine online?

a. Yes

b.  No

3.  If yes, do you download the magazine

a.  Yes

b.  No

4.  Which sections of our website do you go to?

a.  Business Directory

b.  What’s On

c.  Articles

d.  Area Info

e.  Books

f.  Blogs

5. Which platform do you use?

a.  PC

b.  Mac

c. Tablet

d.  Smart Phone


6.  How often do you go online?

a.  Daily

b. Weekly

c.  Monthly

7.  Do you ever refer back to previous issues online?

a.  Yes

b.  No

8.  Are you aware that you can receive the printed magazine in the post?

a.  Yes

b.  No

9. If so, is there a reason why you haven’t subscribed?

a.  Prefer to go out to collect it

b.  Cost

10.  Do you follow us on social media?

a.  Facebook

b.  Instagram

c.  LinkedIn

Thank you very much, your help is really appreciated.

The Local Buzz Team