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pan cooked foie gras

Pan cooked Foie Gras with Apple Mustard Slaw and Apple Purée from Will Baker

Will Baker is the Chef de Cuisine at Walnut Bistro, a restaurant owned by Julian and Chelsea Moloney and new addition to the exciting restaurant scene of Eymet, Dordogne.  He takes his experience from around the world, working in places from his native New Zealand, to San Francisco and London with the aim of bringing a different flare to the traditional.  Utilising the great produce that SW France has to offer, the menu at Walnut focuses on a seasonal and fresh offering.  Will’s recipes can be created at home and are the perfect winter warmer, to enjoy with friends over the festive period.

You can see more recipes from Will in the November & December issue of The Local Buzz.

pan cooked foie gras

Will Baker

Serves 10

10 Fresh Foie Gras escalopes

6 Granny Smith apples

2½ tsp Mustard Ancienne

Juice of one lemon

100ml Olive oil

25g Sugar

1 tbs White wine vinegar

40 Hazelnuts

For the Slaw: Core the apples. Then julienne three of the apples to create matchstick size strips (this is best done using a mandolin but can be done with a knife).  Save the rest for the purée.

For the dressing: Mix the mustard, lemon juice and olive oil together. Toss the apple matchsticks in the dressing. Toast the hazelnuts in a pan and add to the ready-made slaw.

For the apple purée: Core, peel and dice the remaining apples, steam in a pan with 50ml of water until soft. Put in a blender, add the sugar and the white wine vinegar and blend into a purée.

To cook the Foie Gras: Place in a hot frying pan and sear for one/two minutes on each side until golden brown.

Place the Apple Purée on your dish, top with the hot seared Foie Gras, season with flaky sea salt, top with Apple Mustard Slaw and sprinkle with the crushed, toasted hazelnuts.

panc ooked foie gras

Images: The Walnut Bistro



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