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handy guide to meat cuts

Handy Guide to Meat Cuts

With apologies to all our readers who are non-meat eaters (and who will find lots of vegetarian and vegan recipes in our food and drink articles) …..

We know how difficult it can be to name the right cut of meat at the butchers so, in the hope that it helps, here is a handy guide to meat cuts French-style.



Fillet – Filet/Tournedos/Fillet Mignon

Sirloin – Faux-Filet

Fore-Rib – Entrecote

Chuck Steak – Basses-Côtes

Rump – Rumsteak

Topside/Flank – Gite à la Noix

Thick flank – Rond de Gite

Hanging Tenderloin – Osseline/Onglet

Flank /Skirt undercut – Bavette

Beef cubes – Bourgignon

Thick Rib/Brisket – Paleron/Macreuse/Pot au feu/Plat de Côte

Oxtail – Queue

Minced Beef – Steak Haché



handy guide to bmeat cuts



Neck – Collier

Shoulder – Epaule/Echine

Rack – Carré

Chops – Côte or Côtelette

Breast – Poitrine/Poitrail

Leg – Gigot

Shank – Souris

Scrag End – Collet

Saddle – Selle




Hock/Shank – Jarret

Tenderloin – Filet Mignon

Loin End – Pointe

Loin – Filet

Chops – Carré de Côte

Neck – Echine

Rib Tips – Plat de Cotes

Spare Ribs – Travers de Cote

Bacon – Poitrine

Shoulder – Epaule

Trotters – Pieds

Head – Tête


Useful Words


Duck – Canard

Chicken – Poulet

Young chicken – Poulette/Poussin

Cockerel – Coq

Guinea Fowl – Pintade

Turkey – Dinde

Goose – Oie

Pheasant – Faisane


handy guide to meat cuts
handy guide to meat cuts
handy guide to meat cuts

First published in our July/August 2022  issue



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