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Some do, some don’t – but should we? We asked Rudolf de Lang, a pool technician with 25 years experience and a specialist in electronic leak detection, to explain the benefits.

Pool Winterising is the process for reducing the chlorination and filtration in your swimming pool over the winter when it is not used as frequently.   Winterisation can save energy and, therefore, save you money on electricity bills, whilst also ensuring that your pool is ready for swimming when the weather turns warm again.

If chlorination and filtration is reduced and the water balance is not managed there is the risk of green algae blooms, blackspot and mustard algae.   For this reason it is essential that the pool water is balanced throughout winter and not simply forgotten about and allowed to turn green.   Without winterising the water, it can be detrimental to the pool surface and equipment, reducing both their life expectancies.

Indeed, many pool owners have the misconception that they can simply switch off their pool equipment in winter.   In doing so they are most likely causing an expensive green pool clean-up in spring.   In addition to the possible effects on the pool’s longevity, pool equipment that has been left off for months can often break down when started again and potentially need repairing and/or replacing at the beginning of the swimming season.

Rudolf de Lang

  1. Don’t simply turn the filter off and forget the pool for months. This is a false economy because the time, effort and money needed to get the pool water correctly adjusted next season, will be far more than the little resources required to maintain it during winter.
  2. Balance your pool water correctly.
  3. Take your pool cleaner out of the pool.
  4. Clean your pool filter/s.
  5. If you have a sand filter, simply backwash and rinse it and add a good pool clarifier.
  6. If you have a cartridge filter, remove the filter element and clean it. Note: filter cartridges should be de-greased.
  7. Place the filter in position and turn the system on.
  8. Get a good winteriser and disperse it around the pool. Run the system for 24 hours and then auto times (eg: 6 hours per day) for one week.
  9. Backwash or clean cartridge after 1 week.
  10. Re-test your water and then continue to inspect and test pool water ever 2 weeks in winter.

Having carried out these procedures it should only be necessary to check the chlorine level every 2 weeks and empty the skimmer basket if it has a build-up of leaves, etc.  These simple tasks will ensure that your pool does not go green and will be ready for the first warm days of spring and summer.  Also, if you have a salt system, use chlorine, because most salt systems do not work under 15°C.  0768 77 21 33

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Images: Rudolf de Lang and Shutterstock

First published in the September/October 2018 issue of The Local Buzz