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easing the restrictions

We take the safety of our readers and our distributors very seriously and that was the primary concern when it came to whether or not we printed this latest version.

We watched the news avidly and, whilst we were worried about the risks associated with spreading the virus before, the new, more virulent strains brought a different aspect to an already complicated and very difficult situation.   Were enough vaccinations being carried out?  Were we putting people at risk?

Despite our every intention to print, we were more than a little concerned and talked to several distribution points.  Many, such as airports, were unable to take copies, many were closed (bars, restaurants, hotels, châteaux) and only a few said that they may be able to take copies at the end of March.  So, as soon as we can, we will print copies of the magazines for key distribution points.

The warnings are all about staying home too and we didn’t want to be asking people to go out to collect a copy from somewhere that may or may not be open, or may not even have copies in the first place.

It was a very tricky decision and one that caused a couple of sleepless nights.  We hope you understand.

We are sorry if, like us, you are missing your printed version but we all have to do what we can to fight this horrible virus.