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New eco-friendly measures

What’s new on the French eco-friendly front?

It is estimated that 30 billion till receipts are printed each year in France alone. That’s why till receipts are no longer automatic and, from 1 April, they will become optional – a move that is expected to save around 40,000 km of paper roll!

Fast food restaurants are seeing a change in their use of plates and cutlery with reusable items now being used for eat-in customers (not take-away) as opposed to plastic and paper versions.

A new government grant will provide help for the repair of electronic goods and appliances – check out the (click on the réparer icon) to find out more.

In addition, yellow bins are going to start appearing in communal spaces for plastic recycling alongside blue bins for paper and cardboard.

All this is in addition to electric vehicle and more home renovation grants.

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