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Whatever size your business, it needs excellent website copy to achieve optimum results.  Annabel Jamieson gives us an insight into the improvements that can be made.

Annabel  is a digital marketing and tech strategist with over 25 years’ experience working in the digital environment driving business transformation and growth.  She is currently a Co-founder and Director of two global businesses which specialise in content services.  Here she tells us about content marketing.

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Who are you targeting?

8 Times More Website Traffic

Your website is at the frontline of your content marketing strategy. But are some simple copy mistakes killing your conversion rate?

According to recent statistics, great copy is responsible for eight times more website traffic and it brings with it better brand awareness, improving engagement, and conversion rates.

If you want to increase sales  on your website, tweaking your copy could be key. In this article, we cover four sure-fire ways to increase conversions through improving your website copy.

Optimise For Your Target Audience  

Your website needs to be optimised for your buyer personas. If it’s not, making this change is the easiest way to increase conversion.

Your buyer persona will tell you where the pain points of your target audience are. From here you can craft copy that highlights how your product or service presents the solution.

A common problem businesses encounter with their website copy, is writing feature-based copy rather than benefit-based copy. By writing for your buyer personas, you will naturally steer your copy to highlighting benefits over features.

For example, a home security system may have the feature of a biometric lock. The benefit of this is that you never need to worry about losing your keys because you will have a keyless entry.

Increase Conversions By Writing Copy That Educates Your Customer

To increase conversion you need to write website copy that educates. Look beyond keywords (although SEO is important), and start thinking about what questions your website visitors are asking and how you can answer those questions.

Show that your business knows what it is talking about and that you are experts in your field.

You can conduct surveys and ask your visitors what questions they have about your product and industry. Then write copy that quickly and simply answers those questions.

Spend  More Time On Your Headlines

Your headline is the most-read part of your page’s copy. Eight out of 10 people will read your headline, but only two out of 10 will go on to read more of your page’s copy.

Your objective is to use this short piece of copy to build an immediate connection with your reader. You only have a second to make your first impression and your point, so it needs to be easily and quickly understood.

Don’t try to be too clever or creative with headlines. The goal is to be understood and sum up the content of your page in one line. You want to inspire your readers to take action.

You can try A/B testing various headlines for different pages of your website. Find the ones that convert best. Even though this is only one line of copy, it is worth spending a lot of time to get it right as it will help you increase conversions.

Use Testimonials

You should be using testimonials in your website copy. They provide social proof and are great in persuading new customers that your product will deliver on all that you promise.

However, you need to pick the right testimonials. A generic testimonial can sometimes sound great but will often have little impact on your audience.

Find testimonials that highlight the benefits of using your product or service. Talk to customers and find out how your product has made their life easier or contributed to their success. If they have specific data to share with you that’s even better.

In Summary

If you want to increase conversions on your website, the first place you need to look is your website copy. Review your copy and change it for short, snappy content that gets to the point. Focus on benefits over features and include powerful testimonials that show all the ways your customers’ lives have been made easier with your product.


website copy

Think about your content and your audience

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