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The world has changed dramatically over the last 18 months.  Our lives here in France, in particular, are now very different because of two monumental events, BREXIT and COVID-19.

Today, we find that many businesses are struggling with import regulations, whilst others have found their supply source is no longer viable at all.  Despite the increase in vaccinations, the uncertainty that surrounds COVID, especially in terms of travel, is affecting much of our regional market sector.

Some businesses have had to close, some have lost huge amounts of revenue and are trying to recover, others are battling through as best they can, often having to cope with reduced staffing levels and a sudden unprecedented demand post-lockdown.  Not only that but rumours are rife, and now we are hearing of a possible fourth wave at the end of summer, bringing with it a return of the restrictions.

About The Local Buzz

Like many businesses we are now having to change our growth plans in order to survive and thrive.

We are looking at every aspect of our business from the magazine and its distribution through to our website and its functionality.

In order to come up with the right result for the business and for you, our readers and advertisers, it is essential that we seek your input and support in this decision-making process.  We want to ensure that our future offering reflects what both our readers and advertisers want from The Local Buzz.


Whilst we gather this information, redesign our website and amend our growth strategy we have taken the decision to suspend the magazine for a few months.  We will continue to provide articles on our website and updates to our business directory and what’s on sections, together with advertising opportunities for those companies wishing to reach our audience.  With your permission to do so, we will also keep you updated with newsletters and emails.

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The survey questions are broad-ranging.  We are looking at this afresh and are assuming nothing.  Your answers will help to determine the future direction that we take.

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