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Just For Fun January 2021


Did you recognise them and guess which one was the odd one out?

Maurice Ravel, born Joseph Maurice Ravel, French composer, pianist and conductor. His best known work is probably Bolero and he was one of the first composers to recognise the potential of recording music to reach a wider public.

Avril Lavigne (yes, it does mean April and was deliberately chosen by her French father). Singer and actress with two Grammy Awards and many worldwide tours to her name as well as TV programmes such as Sabrina the Witch and as a judge on American Idol. Born in Ontario she is the odd one out.

David Guetta, born Pierre David Guetta, French DJ, record producer and songwriter with two Grammy, one American Music, one Billboard Music and three DJ Awards with around 9 million albums and 30 million singles sold worldwide.

Edith Piaf, born Edith Giovanna Gassion, French singer-songwriter, cabaret performer and actress and known as France’s national chantreuse and one of the country’s most widely known international stars.

Johnny Hallyday, born Jean-Philippe Léo Smet.  One of France’s favourite rock and roll and pop singer and actor, sold over 110m records worldwide.  187 tours and known for his strong voice and  spectacular shows.  Five diamond, 40 golden, 22 platinum albums.