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hitting the high notes


Hitting the High Notes

From the age of seven when she first took to the stage, singing and dancing in a pantomime, Paula Heron Phillips has both recognised and experienced the power of song.  She knows, first hand, the joy, not to mention the wonderful memories that a professional music performance can bring.

“Music can tell a story, convey a message, create cherished moments and even fill a gap,” she explains, “which is why I created and now run Singing Waiters In France.  As a surprise musical entertainment act we have a wealth of professional singers ready to liven up any event, hitting the high notes as required.

“Performing at weddings, birthday parties, corporate events and even exhibitions, our cast of varied singers have appeared on Voice in France, been finalists on Nouvelle Star and successful on the Eurovision Song Contest.  Others have also performed in musical theatre productions from Joseph, Guys ‘n Dolls and Starlight Express through to Grease.


hitting the high notes

“Unique in France” she adds, “the idea is that the talented singers appear to be part of the waiting staff, mingling with the guests as they serve cocktails and canapes.  Making sure they are noticed, they stand out from the crowd in a good way and, when the surprise is ready to be sprung, burst into song.  The guests love it and are always amazed that they had been taken in.  It’s an ideal scenario to prevent a lull too, that point when the speeches are over and no one really knows what happens next.”

Paula laughs as she recalls, “We had one booking where the guests thought they were going to a birthday party but our singers shocked them by revealing that, in fact, the hosts were married that morning.  Another event even asked for a musical theatre performance after the meal and speeches, before the evening dancing starts.

“Booked in advance, we do all the preparation to make an event just that little bit special.  If there’s a particular song that a client would really like us to sing which is not necessary well known, but a favourite, we will learn and perform it.  Every event is unique and requires a completely different approach, fine-tuned to meet individual needs and covering all forms of musical genre.

It’s fun, it’s personal, it’s professional musical entertainment, carefully designed to ensure happy memories.

With over 20 years’ experience in the events industry for a blue chip company, Paula knows how to make it happen and is passionate about bringing this innovative approach to France.

First published in the Dec 2020 and Jan 2021 issue of The Local Buzz

Images: Singing Waiters in France