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Go Electric with a Bike

Go Electric with a Bike

Guy Sheridan, manager at GoodTurn Cycles in Eymet, explains what eBikes are all about.

Electric bikes (eBikes) have taken the world by storm, and they are here to stay.  The optional assistance they provide allows people to ride further, tackle hilly terrain with ease, comfortably carry more cargo, or commute to work without breaking into a sweat!

To gain a better understanding of how eBikes work, their health benefits and how to choose the best electric bike for you, keep reading.



go electric with a bike
go electric with a bike

Go Electric with a Bike!

Working for you

Electric bikes include an on-board battery-powered motor that provides the rider with optional assistance as they ride.  The bike senses input from the rider and will supply varying assistance, in accordance with the rider’s desired level.   By changing the level of supplementary assistance, riders are able to decide how much, or how little help they receive during their ride.  If they are looking for a workout they can turn the pedal assistance down and, if looking for a quick and easy trip, just turn the assistance up.

Easy exercise

At first glance eBikes can leave people with the impression that they won’t benefit from any exercise from an electric ride, which is certainly not the case.  Whilst the technology is new, there have been preliminary medical studies that suggest that electric bike riders actually get more exercise than traditional cyclists.  These studies show that because of the pedal assistance, eBike riders go on longer rides and ride more often.  Studies also show that, utilising the eBikes’ assistance, riders ride at a more moderate heart rate, which is more conducive to fat burning.

Where to start

So, if you are convinced that an electric bike might be right for you, where do you start?  Shopping for an eBike can be overwhelming, not only do you have to worry about traditional bike components, but now you’re shopping for motors and batteries as well.  Using the following steps will easy any anxiety as you make your decision.

First, it’s important to define what kind of riding you will do with your bike.

Once you have those questions answered, you will have a good sense of the style of bike and can go electric with a bike.

Second, visit your local eBike shop for a test ride!  I always recommend riding any eBike for an hour or two to ensure an eBike is what’s right for you.  Once you’re really “bought into” electric bikes specifically, I recommend test riding several!

Think to the future, an electric bike is a big purchase, what type might you want for the long haul?

Third, equipped with the knowledge gained from test riding several bikes, make your purchase!

Good luck as you set out with your new electric bike!  I am sure you will enjoy all the benefits that come with riding an eBike.


Whether you are using your own muscle power or going electric, it is important to set out well prepared.  Take a look back at Jase Alexander’s cycling articles in our July/August 2018 issue for tips on bike sizes and fit, in September/October 2018 for what to wear, and in March/April 2019 for ways to extend your ride and your fitness.  You can find these in either the read-online section of our website or in these articles pages under sport.


First published in the Jsan/Feb issue of The Local Buzz 

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