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Financial Planning – From Yorkshire to Dordogne

Andrea Glover has come a long way since her younger days as part of a mining family in the north of England.

With 16 years of initially working in the financial sector and qualifying as an adviser, specialising in mortgages, in the 1990s, Andrea then went on to become head of a franchise group in the conveyancing sector.  Today, she works alongside Tony Delvalle at The Spectrum IFA Group in Eymet and is offering independent advice to clients of all ages and backgrounds.

Her journey through the ranks has taught her that the provision of advice is not just about answering the right questions. It requires a deep understanding of clients’ needs and circumstances.


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Andrea Glover, Financial Adviser

The move to France

She explains “When I moved with my husband and youngest son to France in 2013, I knew it was important to seek guidance from an adviser who specialised in providing advice to UK expatriates in France. Tony was recommended to me and he advised us about how best we should transfer and organise our affairs such as pensions, company shares, savings and the potential impact of capital gains on the disposal of our home in the UK. As a result, I know, first hand, just how complex it can be in a foreign country and I can absolutely empathise with my clients. I completely understand that we are dealing with their hard earned money and have direct experience of not only going through the financial planning process but, also, of trusting someone to provide us with the right advice.”

The full financial planning service at The Spectrum IFA Group incorporates everything from looking at tax efficient investments and pensions through to inheritance tax planning and mortgages. We have access to secure, tax-efficient, locally authorised investment solutions backed by some of the UK’s largest and most well-known financial institutions. These products, issued from the safety of Dublin, are both EU regulated and highly tax efficient. For example, one of the largest insurance companies in the UK offers a fully French compliant (Dublin based) Assurance Vie.

financial planning

Finding the right solution

Planning is key

“As part of any financial planning service”, Andrea adds, “it is essential that more than just the client’s assets and existing policies are considered. Personal plans for the future, the future care of children or elderly parents, business interests and preferred lifestyle all come into the equation. If there are areas outside of our own expertise, we have a number of strategic partners who specialise in tax reporting, cross border tax issues, wills, currency exchange and settlement services such as healthcare. This means that we can always point our clients in the right direction or will work hand in hand with a partner to offer a complete service and ensure the right result.”

She concludes, “At the end of the day, financial planning should be about helping people to find the solution that is right for them now, as well as in the future. Should circumstances change, our in-depth knowledge of both the French financial system and our clients means that we are ready and able to help straight away.”

Images: Spectrum-IFA and Shutterstock

First published in the November/December issue of The Local Buzz


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