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Driving the Ball

John Cook continues his “whole in one” series on improving your golf with these great insights.

There’s always something that golfers think they need.  A new putter, new driver, etc., but there’s only one thing that all golfers want and that’s to play the game better.

Consistent Driving

There’s a saying that you drive for show and putt for dough, well, if you drive the ball into the lake or the trees you won’t be putting for much dough!  We seem to have a mental thing about hitting the ball harder with our driver than we do with any other club.  A wild slash at the ball and so on.

The best tip I heard, relating to consistency with the driver, is to make the best and most balanced swing you have ever made.  Keeping this thought in mind will encourage you to swing with more rhythm, it will also stop any kind of a slash at the ball.  Try it this weekend, it will work.

John Cook: English Amateur Champion, European Tour winner, Level 5 and European Tour Coach, Past under 18 England Boys Coach, National Coach to Thailand.

Driving Further

As a golf coach, the most common question I am asked is “how do I hit the ball further with my driver?”  Well it’s not by having a wild slash at the ball, that’s for sure.  There are a few ingredients which you can add one at a time, then see the increased distance you hit the ball with your driver.

  • Stand tall, this will help you to create width in your swing.
driving the ball

More width in the swing

  • Make a complete 90 degree shoulder turn during your backswing. This is when your left shoulder points at the ball.  This will more than help with driving the ball.
driving the ball

90° Shoulder turn

  • At the top of your backswing, the knuckle on the thumb of your right hand should be well away from your right shoulder. This will create a wide arc.
  • Start the downswing with an uncoiling motion from the left hip. This will lead to the club being pulled down and creating leverage, a must for long drives.
driving the ball

Create leverage

  • Don’t be frightened to release the club head through impact with the ball, also a must for creating more distance with your driver.
  • Turn right through, onto your left foot, your belt buckle should now be facing the target.
  • Hold onto a balanced follow through.
  • Maintain your height throughout the swing.


You cannot possibly think of all these things in one swing, so perfect one move at a time, and hit the ball further.  Driving the ball!

Achieve more distance

First published in the July/August 2020 issue of The Local Buzz.