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A Clear Case for Pool Safety


Making a clear case for pool safety

Andy Wigley, Director at Ammonite Design, explains why glass fencing is definitely worth a look.

“If children, adults and pets can’t access the pool area, they can’t fall in”

Andy Wigley


There are several levels of pool security ranging from none to poolside alarms, pool covers, sliding enclosures and fencing.  The one that is right for you will depend on a number of factors.

“For instance”, explains Andy, “how far away is the pool and will you hear the alarm if someone is mowing or you are playing loud music?  Small babies don’t float and, because the alarm will only sound once someone has fallen in, you need to think about how much time you will have to reach them safely.  In addition, it’s not unknown for alarms to go off randomly and for them to be switched off all together.

“Retractable pool covers and sliding Abris (enclosures) are a good solution but they only effective against accidents when they are closed.  Most users open them in the morning and close them at night, leaving them unattended in the meantime.  Metal fencing can be unattractive and ineffective too, especially if they have ugly posts and bars that can be used to climb over.


A clear solution

“With 35 years of experience in the glass industry and with a pool and grandchildren of our own” he adds, “we realised that glass can provide an ideal solution.  With no handrails or posts, it is virtually invisible and gives you unobstructed views into the pool or out across the countryside.  Reducing the wind in and around the pool, glass even helps to retain water temperatures by reducing evaporation and wind cooling.  Self-closing gates and a self-latching, lockable mechanism ensures top level security.  That makes a clear case for pool safety.”

He adds, “We are often asked if we can supply coloured glass but the rules around safety are very strict and the associated regulations stipulate that the glass should be completely clear without signage, colour or any form of obscurity.  We can treat it with a thin polymer coating which means that it can be cleaned easily with a hose or jet spray but, generally speaking, it requires no more cleaning than the windows in a house.




a clear case or pool safety


“As the glass is clear, people also ask what happens if a child runs into it or someone who has had one or two too many walks into it.  Firstly, the metal parts at the base are visible and make this pretty unlikely but the glass is very strong and a person, although bruised, would bounce off.  In fact, I have stood two meters away from the toughened glass and fully driven a golf and cricket ball at it.  The glass didn’t break and the ball came come right back at me”

With any top of the range product, the technology and design comes at a price.  Toughened glass, precision engineered parts, installation and experience add up to a safety solution that is contemporary and aesthetically pleasing whilst being effective 24/7.  This is especially true for those whose pools are at the end of the garden, who run a gîte or hotel, or for families with children and/or grandchildren.


With thanks to Ammonite Design

First published in the March/April issue of The Local Buzz 

Images: Ammonite Design


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