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Our multi-lingual international team advises on all aspects of buying and selling property in France, Spain and Italy, as well as inheritance and tax, cross-border estate planning, Wills, and disputes and litigation.

By instructing our specialist lawyers here at Buckles Solicitors, we can help you avoid the potential pitfalls of dealing with property or estates and ensure that your interests are protected in the UK as well as in the relevant jurisdiction.

Our specialist experience and language skills in dealing with matters in France, Spain and Italy will ensure your property transaction or estate administration runs smoothly. Our specific services include:

  • Conveyancing when buying or selling a property
  • Transferring a property following a divorce or separation
  • Guidance on inheritance law/tax and transfer of estates
  • Tax planning including Capital Gains Tax
  • Administering an estate if someone dies
  • Estate planning for property and assets abroad
  • Wills
  • Disputes and litigation
  • Cross border enforcement proceedings
  • Tax advice
  • Powers of Attorney

Our Spanish team can also provide valuable advice on setting up a business, establishing a branch of your existing UK company in Spain, or developing your company’s trading links with Spain. Currently, the Spanish tax authorities are seeking to collect as much tax as possible, and so we can provide you with qualified advice on how to prevent against tax liabilities, overcharges and fines.

Buckles Solicitors can also manage your commercial transactions with Spanish companies to ensure that you receive appropriate legal advice and that your business interests are protected. Our Spanish team can help you with:

Company law – advice on setting up a business and joint ventures

Commercial property – advice on leases, tenancies, buying and selling property and financing

Debt recovery – reclaiming money you are owed by debtors in Spain and the UK

Insolvency – dealing with personal insolvency or the insolvency of your buyers or suppliers in Spain and the UK

Insurance – dealing with Spanish insurance policies and handling claims

Patents and Trademarks – advice on European Intellectual Property

Taxation – assistance with business tax returns and refunds




































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