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Business Listing Prices

Business listing prices vary in accordance with their positioning in our Business Directory pages.

  • Obtain all-round website visibility with a premium, top-of-the-listings Buzzing entry, complete with its A4 page of text and images and, of course,  the stand-out Buzzing box.
  • Rise above your competitors with a highlighted Enhanced entry, complete with logo and direct link to your website.
  • Or let your potential customers click to see your phone number in our rotating free listings.

FACT: Research has shown that online directory users tend to look at the top three entries!

Buzzing entry

Your entry will rotate at the top of the section above the Enhanced Entries in the Business Directory. You will receive a boxed entry with a 280 character description, telephone number, image, a website link and a link to an additional A4 page of text with up to four more images. In addition, your logo and brief description will buzz around the site in a square Buzz box with a link back to your Buzzing Entry.

  • Image size: 300px x 300px
  • 6 months: €115p/m
  • 12 months: €105p/m



Enhanced entry

Stand out from the crowd with a bold text entry with a 280 character description, a website link, telephone number and an image. Enhanced entries rotate above the free entries and below the Buzzing entries.

  • Image size: 300px x 300px
  • 1yr: €300 one-off payment
  • Monthly payments: €30p/m for 12 months

Free listing

List your business with a standard entry with 280 character description and a telephone number.

Please note:

All business listing prices are in Euros and exclude TVA at 20% where applicable

All prices are per insertion unless otherwise stated

We will be happy to recommend different or combined packages to suit your exact needs; please contact us at