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We all know what it is like trying to speak a foreign language, especially with complete strangers. It can be daunting to say the least. Nevertheless, practice makes perfect and what better place to practice than with others who are there for exactly the same reason?

Here at The Local Buzz we are keen to help English speakers to integrate fully into the French way of life.

One of the most important aspects in this process is learning and speaking the French language. As can be seen in our Learn French article, there are many different ways to learn French. In order to progress after “the lesson”, it is always useful to put what we have learned into practice.

This is where “The French Buzz” initiative comes in.

From 1 January, 2019, our goal is to work with cafes, bars and other venues to help spread the word about their conversation clubs and meetings. You will be able to see which venues are participating by the use of this window sticker. We will also include their details in our website business directory under “French Conversation Venues”.

Each venue will be promising a warm, friendly welcome and, as well as a coffee, cake and glass of wine, etc., you will really be able to improve your French without embarrassment or self-consciousness.   Not only will you meet new people who speak English, but you will also be conversing with French people and may even make new friends. Now that’s real integration!

By the way, if you know of (or own) a venue that could be interested in joining “the buzz”, please let us know at In the meantime, you can find the list of existing French Conversation Venues at in the Business Directory under your own particular department heading.

Profitez et passez un bon moment !

First published in the January/February 2019 issue of The Local Buzz

Images: Shutterstock