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The Local Buzz Magazine Summer Issue - July / August 2022

Summer Issue Out NOW! Read for free.

Summer Issue out NOW!

The Local Buzz Magazine provides timeless, lifestyle content, in a stunning A4 glossy magazine, and is a perfect pick-up-and-read for any coffee break.

The Summer 2022 Issue of The Local Buzz Magazine contains our usual regionalised What’s-On pages, discusses adding a little Mediterranean Magic to your garden, suggests some great ideas for keeping cool this summer, including finding the perfect hat, and has lots of ideas for exciting new places to visit and activities to try.

We also take a look at the challenging but much-loved sport of Golf, and consider ways to ensure the continued good health of our pets during the hot weather.

And if that isn’t enough, you can while away some time with our crossword and wordsearch.

The magazine and website are now in their 5th year!  And with more than eighteen years in France we want to share our knowledge and experiences with you!

Our relevant articles and advice pages, topical features, puzzle page, competitions, reader offers and in-depth regional what’s-on guides, all make this magazine the perfect travelling companion for those short flights throughout the UK and Europe too!

We also have a fantastic #BuzzingCommunity keen to share their own tips and experiences, so follow us on Facebook and Instagram for daily updates.

The Summer issue rolled off the press at the beginning of July. Pick up your copy locally, or subscribe for FREE to never miss an issue at for updates directly into your inbox.

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