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lobster and beetroot salad

Showcasing local products from the Lot, Le Balandre restaurant at the centuries-old, family-run Terminus Hotel in Cahors offers stunningly delicious cuisine such as this Lobster and Beetroot Salad.

Mixing traditional and original creations with the finest ingredients, Chef Alexandre Marre prepares his food without artificial additives or superfluous ingredients, allowing the true flavours to be savoured.  A gourmet feast for the eye as well as the palate!

Alexandre Marre

Lobster and Beetroot Salad with Lemon Oil

(Serves 8)

4 Lobsters of 500/600g each, preferably Breton

1kg Cooked beetroot, peeled

250g Comté, medium age

4 Limes, peeled and juiced

500ml Olive oil

1 bunch of green mizuna (rocket)

1 bunch of red mizuna (rocket)

1 bunch of chives, chopped

Salt, pepper, Espelette pepper

Lime Oil

Ideally this should be prepared 48 hours in advance. Heat the olive oil over low heat.  When the oil simmers turn off the heat and immerse the lime zest in the oil.  Leave to infuse until it has cooled completely then add the lime juice.  Set to one side at room temperature.

Beetroot and Comté Salad

Cut 40 thin disks of beetroot and place in the fridge.  Chop the rest of the beetroot and the Comté, mix together and put to one side at room temperature.

The Lobsters

Place the whole lobsters in boiling water (season with salt and pepper) and boil for seven minutes.  Once cooked, remove and cool them in iced water.  Shell the lobsters and keep at room temperature (do not refrigerate).

Season the beetroot and cheese mixture with lime oil, salt and pepper.  Add a dash of Espelette pepper and the chives.

To dress:

Arrange a small heap of the beetroot and cheese mixture in the centre of the plate and surround with five beetroot circles.  Add half a lobster per person and decorate with green and red rocket.  Drizzle with lime oil prior to serving and voila: Lobster and Beetroot Salad.

lobster and beetroot salad

Alexandre has also sent us his fabulous recipe for a Rack of Quercy-farmed Lamb in a Ceps Mushroom Crust which can be found in our December/January 2020 issue at


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