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halloween tricks and treats

Spooky Halloween Tricks and Treats

Cobwebs and spiders, ghouls and ghosts plus all that fake blood and gore!  Yes it’s coming up to Halloween and we can’t wait!

Halloween is becoming more and more popular in France with many shops offering scary costumes and accessories for trick-or-treating.  As is the tradition, the plentiful pumpkins are carved into spooky jack-o’-lantern caricatures, and the apples are toffee coated or placed in a barrel of water and bobbed for.

We thought we would have a look around for some more unusual food and drink ideas to make a party spectacularly spookilicious.  We admit it – some of them are bizarre!  Beware!

halloween tricks and treats
halloween tricks and treats

Heart-stopping food

Place a slice of radish, bordered by a thin red line at one end and shaped to resemble a nail at the other, on the end of a finger-shaped nem or cheese stick for a spooky touch to aperos.

Or how about this for a step in the Halloween direction: fish or liver pate shaped into a pair of feet, ready for people to dip into with bat or ghost shaped toasts.

Carve a wide-open, jagged mouth out of a water melon and have a fruit salad spilling out of it.  You could do the same with salsa and/or guacamole “gushing” out of a carved pumpkin.

A plastic skeleton, laid on the table and filled with charcuterie, is a true out-of-body experience.  As is a skull placed at the end of a tray filled with “entrails” of ribs and sausages too.

Wrap a meatloaf or roast joint it in ham or bacon in the shape of a mummy or bandages and make sure to brown them before serving it whole, ready for carving with a red-tipped knife.

Meringues are an obvious choice for a ghostly or mummified dessert but what about a white chocolate “brownie” in a ghoulish shape?

Well, we did say halloween tricks and treats!

Eerie thirst quenchers

Packet sweets come in all shapes and sizes, even worms, and are great for decorating children’s drinks and adult cocktails.  Or simply float plastic spiders.  You could also freeze coloured water in the shapes of bats or ghosts.

Or why not make a non-alcoholic cocktail base and serve with a syringe of red-coloured water or “spirit” of choice to cause a stir.

A frozen hand in a bowl of punch can set the pulse racing, if only for a second, and is easily achieved by freezing a plastic glove filled with water, flat in the freezer.

Rim your glasses with coloured salt or sugar strands and use unusual shapes for your glassware.  You could also make a thick red sugar syrup and have it drizzling down the sides of the glasses.  Once set it will look like Draculous!

Lastly, for the Baristas amongst us, start practicing your fabulous Halloween cappuccino froth techniques!



halloween tricks and treats

First published in the September and October 2019 issue of The Local Buzz

Images: Shutterstock