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fizz for any occasion


Fizz for any Occasion

With a distinctive hare logo, Château Lestevénie is known for its full-flavoured wines and is now highly recognised for its special Brut using the traditional method.

We asked Sue and Humphrey to explain why this wine, in particular, is so different and why it’s proving to be very popular at weddings and special events.



fizz for any occasion

Sue and Humphrey Temperley - wines and fizz for any occasion


Sue tells us, “It wasn’t until 2015, when our son announced he was going to be married later that year that we thought of making sparkling wine, a fizz for any occasion.  Humphrey makes a lovely dry wine from Semillon and Muscadelle grapes and it set us thinking.

“Of course we knew that we could make fizzy wine simply by pumping carbon dioxide into it but we wanted a much more refined result.  In order to make sparkling wine by the traditional method (which is what it must be called outside the Champagne region), you make your wine, send it to your chosen company who bottle it and then add a tiny dose of yeast and sugar to allow it to produce a secondary fermentation which creates a natural fizz.  The process takes several months.


“We chose a long established company near Bordeaux who mature the wine in limestone caverns, whilst turning the bottles every so often.  They collected our wine in January and, with the wedding mid-July, we checked on progress in June.  We knew the traditional method takes months but we had not realised that the French rule of eight months is absolute, so we couldn’t have the wine in time!  The wedding guests drank our other wines and the sparkling Lestevénie Brut waited until their baby was born a year later.  It was worth the wait!

“Since then,” she adds, “it has become one of our most popular wines and is a great fizz for any occasion.  It is a great favourite during our vineyard tours through orchid filled meadows with hares, deer, butterflies and nightingales singing in our woods.  In fact, it makes for such a magical tasting afternoon that more and more wedding couples are now sending their guests along to enjoy the experience as part of their wedding weekend.”

fizz for any occasion
fizz for any occasion
fizz for any occasion

Ashley and Matt had this to say about their fizz for any occasion “We had the most amazing time at our wedding last weekend and the wine was just the icing on the cake.  We can’t thank you enough for providing our guests with such delicious Lestévenie wine”.


Ashley and Matt

First published in the March/April 2020 issue of The Local Buzz

Images: Château Lestevénie