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Competition Time!

We love giving our readers the chance to enter some fabulous giveaways, and right now we’re giving you the chance to make some wonderful memories with a stay at a 4-star chateau!

Win a night in a 4-star chateau!

Built in the 17th century, Chateau Les Merles in Mouleydier, Dordogne, combines traditional elegance with contemporary design to bring both luxury and charm to your stay. As well as a hotel, it offers villa rental, restaurants and golf.

The winner of this fabulous competition will receive a night in a double deluxe bedroom complete with a 5-course dinner for two in the gourmet restaurant, a bottle of Chateau les Merles wine and breakfast in the morning. You can stay at any time, subject to availability, but July and August are already fully booked.

To be in with a chance of winning this wonderful getaway, all you have to do is answer the questions below correctly. Answers can be found in this edition of our magazine, which can be read online.

Enter now

What type of equipment is used to calm bees?:

When using poles in Nordic Walking you are what?
SlowerShorterMore stable

On a randonnee you should not carry more than how many kgs?

Cheese crisps are otherwise known as what?

Terms & conditions

This is a competition without obligation to buy –the rules of the competition are deposited with S.C.P. Laurent Rodriguez and Gaël Peyssi Bailiffs Associates, 25 rue Louis Mie, 24007, Perigueux, Cedex, and can be seen here.