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Rugby – a Thrill a Minute

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Tom Smith, a Scotland International Rugby Union Player who also represented the British and Irish Lions and has been a rugby coach, lives in our region. He gave us this insight into rugby in this area of France.

Golf for Everyone (part two)

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Written by John Cook, Level 5 and European tour coach, past English Amateur Champion, past European Tour Player, past England under 18 National Coach, past Thailand National Coach, and Managing Director of, one of the largest golf memberships in the World.

Cycling (part two) – Looking the Part

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Following on from the last article where we talked about choosing your bike and obtaining a good fit, here Jase Alexander, an experienced club cyclist, looks at your cycling apparel and accessories.

Gearing Up For Cycling

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We asked Jase Alexander, a keen club cyclist, for tips on how to literally “get on our bikes” and enjoy the sport. Bicycles come in all shapes and sizes, as do their riders.

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