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Covering a range of topics about our area of France, living and working here and, of course, the French language, it also includes food and drink as well as hobbies and crafts.

This website is all about relevance to our region and keeping you up to date so, naturally, we will be adding to this list regularly. If we miss something and you feel it should be added, please let us know by dropping us a note on our contributor page. Together, let’s keep the news on books buzzing.

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Bordeaux, Gironde et Landes

Your complete guide to Bordeaux, Gironde and Landes, an invaluable resource for anyone visiting or living in these beautiful areas of France.

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The Autumn Throne

Imprisoned by her husband, King Henry II, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Queen of England, refuses to let her powerful husband bully her into submission, even as he forces her away from her children and her birthright.

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On a barge in France

In On a Barge in France Harvey Schwartz tells of the four years he and his wife, Sandra Hamilton, spent on Hoop Doet Leven on the French waterways. Each chapter presents a vignette of French country life and life in the unique linear village of international bargees traveling extremely slowly through the most beautiful, historic and mind boggling areas of France.

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A Taste for Vengeance

Bruno, now Chief of Police for the whole Vézère valley, has an unusual challenge to rise to: teaching at his friend Pamela’s new cookery school. It is a daunting prospect – the disappearance of one of the school’s pupils almost serves as a welcome distraction.

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The Way of St James

This comprehensive guidebook describes the Way of St James (Camino de Santiago) pilgrim route through France. Also known as the Chemin de St Jacques or GR65, the 730km (454 mile) route runs from Le Puy-en-Velay in central France to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port in the Pyrenees.

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Swallows and Robins

As the world’s worst housekeeper, running holiday homes wasn’t, with hindsight, a sensible idea. But two collapsing buildings on Susie Kelly’s land would cost more to demolish than to restore. Thus she became a seasonal landlady. Before the guests came the builders. No’s 1, 2, 3 all started promisingly, but by builder No. 4, and with her first guests just hours away, her patience was stretched to its limit.

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The French Revolution and What Went Wrong

Legend has it that, in a few busy weeks in July 1789, a despotic king, his freeloading wife, and a horde of over-privileged aristocrats, were displaced and then humanely dispatched. In the ensuing years, we are told, France was heroically transformed into an idyll of Liberté, Egalité and Fraternité.

In fact, as Stephen Clarke argues in his informative and eye-opening account of the French Revolution, almost all of this is completely untrue.

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The Complete Merde: The Real French You Were Never Taught at School

A saucy guide to survival in everyday French. With chapters on insults, sex, drink and those expressive Gallic gestures, this book reveals the necessary vocabulary, explains its proper use and gives examples and exercises for the eager student.

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The French-Inspired Home

Learn how to master the art of creating simple, elegant and chic French interiors with Carolyn Westbrook’s The French-Inspired Home. Carolyn Westbrook is a designer and decorator whose love affair with French styling began long before she ever travelled to France.

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La Vie Est Belle

This celebration and distillation of the spirit of France provides a privileged glimpse inside 18 ravishing French homes, from chateaux to farmhouses, as well as the regions in which they are set, including Normandy, Brittany, the Ile de Ré, Paris, Provence, the Loire and Bordeaux.

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Birds of France

With 85 million tourists in 2015, France is the largest tourist destination in the world. This new photographic guide for general wildlife-watchers by naturalist James Lowen and French photographer Aurélien Audevard covers the 300 birds most likely to be seen on any visit to the country, with detailed text and superb photography, selected to highlight key identification criteria.

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France: A History from Gaul to de Gaulle

From frowning Roman generals and belligerent Gallic chieftains, to Charlemagne (hated by generations of French children taught that he invented schools) through Marie Antoinette and the storming of the Bastille to Vichy, the Resistance and beyond, FRANCE is packed with heroes and villains, adventures and battles, romance and revolution.

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James Martin’s French Adventure

James Martin’s French Adventure showcases the superstar chef’s handpicked favourite recipes from the series and sees him journey the length and breadth of the country, sampling the very best food France has to offer. Along the way he cooks seafood in Marseille, shops at colourful Provencal markets, cooks with legendary chefs including Michel Roux and Pierre Gagnaire and explores the vineyards of Burgundy.

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The French for Always

Leaving the grey skies of home behind to transform a crumbling French Château into a boutique wedding venue is a huge leap of faith for Sara. She and fiancé Gavin sink their life savings into the beautiful Château Bellevue – set under blue skies and surrounded by vineyards in the heart of Bordeaux.

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The French for Love

Gina has lost her perfect job, her boyfriend and her favourite aunt all within the space of a few months. So when she inherits her aunt’s ramshackle French house, Gina decides to pack her bags for the Bordeaux countryside – swapping English weather for blue skies, sunshine, great wine and a fresh start.

What she hasn’t factored in is a hole in the roof, the most embarrassing language faux pas, and discovering family secrets that she was never supposed to know.

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Walking in the Dordogne

Guidebook to 35 half-day and day walks in France’s beautiful Dordogne region, based around Bergerac, Lalinde, Sarlat and Souillac (Lot). The walks, which range from 6 to 18.5km, take in the region’s myriad delights, from spectacular gorges to enchanting chateaux and charming medieval villages.

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Simplissime: The Easiest French Cookbook in the world

Taking cooking back to basics, Simplissime is bursting with easy-to-follow and quick recipes for delicious French food. Discover how to make a mouth-watering Apple Tart with Cinnamon with just five ingredients, or Spaghetti with Asparagus and Orange in just three steps. For an impressive dish, whip up mouth-watering Mussels in Curry in a short 15 minutes.

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La cuisine de la Tupiña : Les vraies recettes du Sud-Ouest

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Rick Stein’s French Odyssey

Rick Stein embarks on a journey of gastronomic discovery from Padstow to Bordeaux and then to Marseille. The book is divided into a diary section and recipe chapters. Featuring starters, light lunches, main courses and desserts, the recipes include authentic versions of French classics as well as new takes on traditional ingredients.

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French Collection: Twelve Short Stories

For fans of all things French, a collection of short stories from the author of The House at Zaronza. France is a land steeped in history, whose landscapes and light have enthused writers and artists for centuries. Beneath the dust of ages lie buried countless personal histories, which have inspired this collection of twelve fictional short stories.

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Reflections of Sunflowers

The final book in the Sunflowers trilogy sees Ruth Silvestre and her husband returning to Bel-Air de Grèzelongue, their much-loved home in the south-west of France.

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A Harvest of Sunflowers

Twenty years after first setting eyes on Bel-Air de Grèzelongue, her dream house in south-west French, Ruth Silvestre brings us the sequel to her enchanting memoir A House in the Sunflowers.

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A House in the Sunflowers: An English Family’s Search for Their Dream House in France

The author and her husband decided to try and find their dream house in the Lot-et-Garonne area of France. This book records their search for a house, buying it, the renovation, and their attempts at assimilation into the local population.

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A Garden in Sarlat

Moving and funny, this is the story of the trials and tribulations involved in buying and converting their new house. The challenges of starting a new business in a foreign land, speaking a language they had struggled to learn thirty years previously and had since forgotten. But ultimately of fulfilling an ambition to work, laugh and play in the beautiful town of Sarlat.

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Dordogne Valleys & Villages: A Bicycle Your France guidebook

Walter Judson Moore’s third edition of Dordogne Valleys and Villages contains 15 cycling routes with comprehensive maps, elevation profiles, point to point and turn directions, and two town detail maps. These maps also have symbols indicating locations for restaurants, grocery stores and historically significant châteaux. Each route has a few colour photographs to help visualise the ride.

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French Atlantic Coast (Dordogne, Aquitaine, Gascogne) Marco Polo Map

Fully updated for 2016… Marco Polo maps feature completely up-to-date, digitally generated mapping. The high quality cartography with distance indicators and scale converters aid route planning. Coverage of Dordogne, Aquitaine and Gascogne. Includes 3 city maps: Bordeaux, Limoges and Toulouse.

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La Belle Saison

La Belle Saison is Patricia’s eulogy to this way of life: a testament to the timelessness of the beautiful French countryside, the bounty of the land, and the generous-hearted French neighbours who showed Patricia that a simple life has many rewards. In France, every season is ‘la belle saison’, offering up its gifts to those willing to appreciate and look after the land.
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The Ripening Sun: One Woman and the Creation of a Vineyard

For most people giving up the day job and moving to a beautiful area of France and living off the vines is an impossible but delicious dream. In 1990, Patricia Atkinson and her husband decided to sell up in Britain and emigrate to the Dordogne. Their idea was to buy a house with a few vines attached and employ someone to tend to the wine while they earned their living with some financial consultancy work. There followed a series of disasters…

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